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The Stravinsky Riots News Letter

The Stravinsky Riots are a Seattle, Wa group that ties the genres of Rock, Indie, and Folk music with often story-based lyrics. The music is both harmonious and dissonant, with a strong emphasis on composition.The songs "An Extinction Event" (There's No Room Left in Hell), "An Extinction Event" (The Sequel), and "This Specter Approaches" are part of a greater narrative, a common theme in their music. The group's name comes from the classical composer Igor Stravinsky and a performance of his piece "The Rite Of Spring" which caused a riot on it's opening night.
The band are regulars at Liberty Cafe and Luther's Table. They have also played shows in Texas and Seattle. Formed in 2011 from the musical collaboration of William and Victor, The Stravinsky Riots are now primarily based in the Seattle area. Rory was added to the lineup in late 2011. .
It's good for you. Sometimes it burns a little, but it's nothing personal.
Hold your hand on the stove and remember it's all in your head.

Release Date Simultanagnosia 7-26-2012

Genre indie/rock noisefolk

Members William E. Byerly = Singer and Guitarist.
Victor W. Payne = Bassist
Rory L. Pesacreta = Drums, backing vocals

Hometown Renton, WA

Record Label TSR Music LLC

General Manager Terry Monroe